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Marvel launched a great website to promote Captain Marvel

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Marvel launched a great website to promote Captain Marvel

Marvel's next big superhero is Captain Marvel, and unlike most feature films, this film was made in the 1990s. 

Consequently, Marvel launched a website that fits the time frame, a return to the web design of the era, complete with movements, fonts and embarrassing colors.

The result is very delicious. 
The site captures nostalgia for the 1990s that we saw in film trailers, and features part of the components that have been the mainstay of the Web for nearly a quarter of a century: random animations, photo editing, HTML frames, bright colored lines, and of course guestbook and counter counter. 

There is even a Skrull you can puncture when it pops up. 
All that is missing is a front page that you must click. 
It's far from cute, modern film sites.

Not included in the nostalgia trip This is the time you spend waiting for the page to load, as Verge Dieter Bohn's executive editor pointed out to Twitter

It's not quite a residue of '90. 
Looking at the source code for the site, it was discovered that the size of the site comes at 10 MB, which would need to be loaded on a 28.8 kb modem. 

He also pointed out that the site was created using CSS and a reference in the guestbook to Dancing Baby, both released in 1996, a year after the film was set in 1995. 

But the designers say they used FrontPage to build and host it with Angelfire, so that's something.

Does this affect your enjoyment of this great site? of course not. It is a smart fax machine that replicates the look and feel of the web, not far from what some of us remember. 

If Marvel was anywhere to make films in the 1990s, his promotional site is likely to be that way. 

Just take a look at the pages that are still active in Space Jam or Mallrats, or take a trip down the memory lane using the Wayback Machine for the Internet archive.

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