Intel 5G modem chips will not be available until 2020, iPhone 5G can delay

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Intel new 5G modem
Intel 5G modem chips will not be available until 2020, iPhone 5G can delay

Intel's 5G modem chips will not appear anytime soon in mobile phones until 2020, increasing the likelihood that its biggest customer, Apple Inc., will be more than a year behind its rivals in offering smartphones 5G.

If you are eagerly waiting to launch phones with 5G enabled, you'll have to sit longer. 

While the fifth generation may be much faster than previous generation technologies, which makes streaming video or downloading content from your phone more convenient and less time consuming, there are not many 5G networks available in the US yet. 

However, many manufacturers have announced their plans to launch a 5G phone in the near future.

The wait comes because the Intel chip manufacturer announced this week that its own 5G modem chips will not be available in mobile phones until 2020. 


This may be a particular problem for Apple, which uses Intel chipset in its devices, and has planned to launch the next generation iPhone with 5G capabilities In 2020.

At an event for Intel's media in Palo Alto, California, Sandra Rivera said that Intel did not expect to have "consumer market" products until 2020, according to Reuters


It is not clear whether this means that Intel 5G chips will not be available to manufacturers before 2020, or whether they simply mean that Intel will provide the chips, but expect that the manufacturers will not be able to launch a device using the chip before this time

To deal with this issue, Apple said it was in talks with Samsung's 5G modem chips and MediaTek, but these discussions have not yet reached agreement. 

If unable to get the 5G chips, the Apple 5G version may reach a year after its competitors, which is not good for Apple's sophisticated image.

Intel CEO Bob Swan told Reuters the company plans to pursue other business lines, such as selling auto modems or adding chips to other devices, as well as networking equipment. 

Intel hopes to avoid issuing a patent license that led to legal cases between Apple and Qualcomm, Intel's rival. 

Swan said: "Royalty streams that are imposed on the cost of the entire machine, this model, you know, has caused a little friction in the market." "Friction for others is our chance."

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