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T-Mobile's "free mobile TV" is actually just a Metro experience

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T-Mobile's "free mobile TV" is actually just a Metro experience

T-Mobile is preparing to launch a free mobile TV broadcast service - but it will be much smaller than the original report in Cheddar

In fact, not for T-Mobile subscribers at all.

the supposed service would actually be "application of imaginable content," only for the Metro T-Mobile brand (probably known as MetroPCS), available only on phones to start.

Cheddar originally stated that the service would be ad-supported and free for all T-Mobile subscribers, and that it would come pre-installed on many T-Mobile phones, including some Samsung devices. 

The pre-installed part of Samsung may still be true, and it is still true that the service will work on the flowing Xumo technology - because T-Mobile referred to a tweak by Xumo to confirm that particular order.

Limited availability means that it is not a true counterpart to AT & T's Watch TV, nor to Verizon's Go90, which ended last year, each giving customers the ability to broadcast and use advanced television with ads.

It will certainly be different from T-Mobile's "corrupt TV service" that has yet to come. 

CEO John Leger originally said that the TV service would be launched in 2018, but then returned to accommodate more mobile distribution rights, according to Bloomberg.

T-Mobile currently has more than 77 million subscribers and offers unlimited customer access, along with free Netflix subscriptions with its Binge On plan.

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