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The leaked picture shows three different types of Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup

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The leaked picture shows three different types of Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup
Samsung Galaxy S10E, S10 and S10 +

Samsung will hold the next non-store event next month, where it is expected to display a "fully functional" version of its folding phone, along with the next repeat of the Galaxy S10

A new image leaked from Evan Blass shows three versions of the phone, namely S10E, S10 and S10 +.

There have been rumors circulating last fall that the S10 will come in three forms: the S10 and the S10 + with the curved OLED screen, the heavy-paced selfie camera, the fingerprint scanning devices inside the display, with a third (presumably S10E) All bells and whistles. 


It is rumored that the company has held discussions with Verizon to bring a 5G version of the phone to the United States. 

The leak from the Blass in early January showed off in front of the S10 model, which shows the minimum edges and hole punch in front of the camera.

Blass points out that this image is characterized by the Galaxy S10 in clear cases, with S10E on the left, S10 in the middle, and S10 + on the right. 

The S10E features two cameras at the back, while the other two have three cameras. 

It also appears that the S10 + device contains a pair of front cameras with a larger hole.

There is a great deal resting on this year's lineup, especially as the company faced the slow sales of the S9 and a sharp drop in profits in the last quarter of 2018. 

With this year's changes to the phone after a "predictable" repeatability last year, Samsung will probably be able to To attract consumers again in 2019.

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