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Windows 10 also gets a design icon design, tech news today

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Windows 10 also gets a design icon design, tech news today
Great design effort throughout the company

Microsoft seems to be planning to do its own Windows 10 code fixes together with its Office suite. 

The giant software company unveiled a new icon design for Office 365 earlier this week, with some changes in Windows that it was considering. 

"It's a huge project to build a common system and design 10 symbols at the same time," explains John Friedman, head of office design at Microsoft. 

"Now that we've created the system, we'll start expanding it across Microsoft."

Friedman also saw, as Thurout saw it, that the Office's effort was simply "the beginning of an inter-firm effort to update all icons in the same way.

" An early glimpse of how Windows 10 was updated was part of Friedman's blog article
It includes images of the Windows 10 concept that updated the modern icons for images, news, mail and many other integrated applications.

realizes that these images are simply natural size models at the moment, but Microsoft is looking to update Windows 10 icons in the long term.

Windows 10 still contains icons in some parts of the operating system that have existed for more than 10 years. 

These old icons look misplaced if you ever see them, despite Microsoft's efforts to update its Windows design, especially the configuration of settings in the operating system. 

Microsoft has made many design efforts over the years in Windows, but now that the company has focused on designing one broad code throughout the company, it can be what is needed to illustrate some of the old examples.

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