VP Apple 2018 says that the iPad Pro, flatness standards

VP Apple 2018 says that the iPad Pro

VP Apple 2018 says that the iPad Pro 'meets or exceeds quality and flatness standards

Dan Richio, Apple vice president of engineering, gave the most up-to-date response to the issue late Thursday night when he answered the client's e-mail, saying the iPad 2018 

meets or exceeds all of Apple high-quality design standards 9to5Mac publishes the entire e-mail, and MacRumors says that it verifies its validity.

The 9to5Mac Benjamin May editor tells me that the message has been sent to many of the people who have Send an email via Apple on this issue.

"This is 400 microns less than half a millimeter (or less than four sheets of paper at most) and this level will not change," Ricciu's e-mail says. 

Of flattening during normal use over the life of the product Note that these minor differences do not affect the function of the device in any way. 

"Flat surfaces of the new design can make simple bends easier to see with the naked eye. 

The old iPad (except for the original) all have sloping edges.

Riccio does not contradict or deny initial report that some iPad devices are being shipped from the factory with a curvature in its aluminum structure, which the company said is the result of the cooling process during manufacture of what is an ultra thin and lightweight aluminum device.

VP Apple 2018 says that the iPad Pro
In his memo, Ricciu said Apple official position on the iPad Pro would be presented to the media "today" - which probably means on Friday - but no statement was made until Saturday morning.

Riccio's electronic message may contain part of this impending statement, as the font changes abruptly in a way that suggests copying and pasting a section. 

Ricciu mentions that the first story "did not include the company's statement." 

But she confirmed the case and rejected the idea that it was a drawback. 

Like Ricciu, the company insisted that any flexion would not worsen over time or adversely affect iPad performance. 

Since then Apple has not pursued subsequent requests for comment.

After that initial response, many frustration and disappointment were left that Apple was ignoring the upcoming Pro iPad units bent (no matter how slight the curve might be) directly from the box, considering it unacceptable for such an expensive product. 

At this point, the company has not introduced an alternative program for iPad beyond the standard return frame, and there are still reports that customers are apparently trying to replace iPad-like devices from Macworld

I have a feeling that Apple believes that this whole situation is overpriced, and an unworthy exchange takes a great product.

VP Apple 2018 says that the iPad Pro
The most interesting part of Richiko's e-mail is that he publicly reveals Apple acceptable tolerances for flattening the iPad in 2018, which is 400 microns (0.4 millimeters or about 0.015 inches). 

I'm not in possession of any of the 11-inch iPad's bent, so I can not take a micrometer and measure to see if the picture above has fallen into these specifications. 

But Riccio's data point lacks some context including the scope and at any point in the construction process in the iPad Pro the 400 μm measurement is applied.

For now, my advice is: If you buy a new iPad Pro, just look closely at once to make sure your unit is not affected. 

Apple currently has an extended vacation policy during early January in the United States, so exchange should not be too much trouble. 

If you are satisfied with what you see, and if Apple is correct and this is not a problem over normal usage - it's still too early to make that call, I think - you'll have a great tablet in your hands.

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