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How to track Santa during the most crowded night of the year

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How to track Santa

How to track Santa during the most crowded night of the year

Santa Claus is preparing for his annual trip to homes all over the world, abandoning big gifts and enjoying occasional meatballs and Kobe Sherry as he goes.

Children everywhere will follow Santa's progress on his global journey starting in New Zealand and Australia before heading west through Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas, and finally to Hawaii and the rest of the Pacific islands.

NORAD Tracks Santa 2018

Keep track of
As in recent years, there are two poetic options to follow Santa on his journey. 

First, there's the Google Tracker app from Google, which is available via the web or the Android app

When traveling on a sleigh described by Google as "arguably the fastest airborne vehicle in the world," Google's website and app makes use of the company's mapping technology to accurately track the location of the club, giving Street View photos a chance to explore in detail all the cities it visits.

Google's Google Tracker offers many online games and other activities since early December, and some of the completely new games on December 24th.

The other way to track Santa is by commanding the Air Defense Space in North America, known as the Norad.

The organization usually searches for suspicious activity in the sky over North America, but on December 24 turns its attention to helping children keep their tabs in Santa.

NORAD began tracking Santa in 1955 after a newspaper in Colorado Springs printed a phone number "hotline" in a declaration calling on children to talk to the same man.

The misleading figure belongs to NORAD's predecessor, the Aerospace Defense Command. 

Not surprisingly, the calls sink, but instead of breaking the hearts of a lot of words with the words, "Sorry, wrong number," those who made calls play side by side giving updates on Santa's website as gifts about global. 

Thus a tradition was born.

In 2017, the Santa Clauser program at NORAD attracted 18 million visits to the site, 1.8 million followers on Facebook, 179,000 on Twitter, and 126,000 phone calls.
NORAD can be viewed via its website, with updates to its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

 Just like Google's Santa's tracking software, NORAD also includes a lot of add-ons like games, movies, and holiday music. Enjoy!

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