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honor view 20 full specifications, the best phones 2019

For Huawei Honor View 20. Announced in the last days of December 2018 for China first, Honor View 20
honor view 20

For Huawei Honor View 20. Announced in the last days of December 2018 for China first, Honor View 20 is a visually mesmerizing Android Pie phone and its average price costs all Huawei features stuffed inside and out: a 48-megapixel camera on its back next to the lens 3D stereo. 6.4-inch screen with thin bezels. 

A 25-megapixel camera on the front, with an open punch hole instead of a notch. A visually terminate showstopping. 4000mAh battery and 125GB or 256GB onboard storage. The headphone jack!

I won't blame you for a double task because the Honor View 20 reads as a higher device on paper. 

Starting at £500 and €569 and starting at $2,999, he gets plenty of premium phones that you can buy today by doubling the price. 

I can watch him make fun of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 ($ 900 at Walmart): "I have a big 48-megapixel camera and a 3D sensor, what about you?"

The Chinese company is the second-largest phone brand in the world and one of the largest sellers of telecommunications equipment. 

But some governments, including the United States, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand have banned the sale of Huawei networking products for fear of spying. 

In the United States, the major retailer Best Buy has stopped selling Huawei phones, although you can still buy some models from Amazon or through the Honor website.

Although Huawei is trying to distance itself from it's subsidiary Honor brand, Honor phones are collected in Huawei's 200 million unit sales figures for 2018, and Honor employees pass Huawei business cards in press briefings. 

If it is difficult to buy a Huawei phone where you live, then it will be difficult to buy Honor View 20 as well. 

However, if you are not someone who is keeping secrets - a government employee, a journalist or a company executive - there is likely to be more fear of this phone than any other Android device.

Despite the political problems faced by Huawei, the Honor View 20 is an early place when it comes to quality and value, even if there is some inconvenience here and there.

Honor View 20 sells in China, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Malaysia, India, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Huawei plans to sell the phone in more countries.

Go to the end for a full specification list.

HONOR VIEW 20: DISPLAY FORATO e fotocamera da 48MP | Hands-on

While phones have officially jumped to the $1,000 mark over the past few years, some smartphone makers such as OnePlus and Honor will have different tactics. 

These brands are creating smartphones at a leading mid-range price point.

After the huge success of 10 in 2018, Honor appears to be ready to work with Honor View 20
Here's all we know about it.

For Huawei Honor View 20. Announced in the last days of December 2018 for China first, Honor View 20
honor view 20 full specifications, the best phones 2019


The Honor View 10 supplement will be named Honor View 20, the name in the company's official documents, which reveals three essential parts of the new technology within the device. 

Honor View 10 is also known as the Honor V10 in China, and we expect Honor View 20 to also be known as the V20 outside the international version.

For Huawei Honor View 20. Announced in the last days of December 2018 for China first, Honor View 20
honor view 20 full specifications, the best phones 2019

Design and presentation

The honor of presenting 20 news bulletin boards

What is Honor View 20? At the moment do not know exactly, but the screen may be the most exciting feature. 

The honor will abandon a large display and adopt a circular screen slot to accommodate the front camera. 

The company will launch the show, "Honor All-View Display," claiming that it will be the first to introduce a camera within the screen. 

The device was briefly shown at an event in Hong Kong, where the honorary brand was first launched.

Earlier this year, South Korea's ETOews reported that Honor's parent company had developed a smartphone screen with a small lens slot.

Honor January 2019 launch phone teaser news

The honor was a smartphone announcement set at the end of January 2019. The picture shows a phone with a small screen to the left. This phone is almost certainly a 20 honor show.

The whole display is a new way to reduce the edges on smartphones, and Huawei is by no means the only company to manipulate this new technology for display. 

In fact, Samsung seems to be using a similar offer to some of its 2019 phones, including the Galaxy A8S and possibly the Samsung Galaxy S10.

For Huawei Honor View 20. Announced in the last days of December 2018 for China first, Honor View 20
honor view 20 full specifications, the best phones 2019


Will the next 'Honor View 20' device be the most powerful? The 20 monitors will be shipped with the Kerin 980 processor, and along with dual ISP and dual NPU and artificial intelligence features, it will operate a 48-megapixel camera. 

Using the IMX586 sensor from Sony, Honor says that the View 20 camera will be able to connect 48-megapixel photos, with a great deal of detail even when zoomed in, and the camera with artificial intelligence images will receive several images and combine them together into one, the high-definition image hybrid. 

In addition, Honor Link Turbo, which uses AI again, will evaluate the best network connection through Wi-Fi and cell phone based on the signal, usage, and network conditions, and switch between them smoothly.

While the camera and a turbocharger are official, rumors suggest that the phone will have 6 GB of random memory, 128 GB of storage space and a MicroSD card slot. 

We also will not be surprised to see the 40W force making its way to Honor View 20.


There is nothing in the way of software leakage for the Honor View 20

However, historical smartphone data makes it very easy to set up software details. 

We believe that Honor View 20 will ship with Android 9.0 Pie.
You can also expect the appearance of the user interface dedicated to Huawei, EMUI 9, on the phone.

It is a collection of Huawei's high productivity applications, which will be shipped by phone. 

private space lets you create a special home screen that can be completely hidden. 

App Lock and Twin let you lock and create multiple versions of applications on Honor View 20.

For Huawei Honor View 20. Announced in the last days of December 2018 for China first, Honor View 20
honor view 20 full specifications, the best phones 2019

Honor View 20 Camera and battery

One 48MP sensor

We now know that the back of the Honor View 20 will have one sensor, but a 48-megapixel sensor.

Do we need a 48-megapixel camera? The Nokia 808 PureView was the last phone to break the 41-megapixel sound barrier, just in 2012.

Since then, Huawei's phone has only approached this number, with 40 megapixels in the recent P20 Pro, which formed the three camera set.

However, Honor took a step further by bringing a 48-megapixel camera - using the 2.5-inch Sony IMX586 sensor unveiled earlier this year, one of us was waiting to see which brand would be first radicalized and placed on its phone - claims that they can take "high-quality images" ... a noble claim with a camera that offers many megapixels.

Whether this is the first market in the market, it will be seen, however, with XIAOMI claiming that it will bring a 48-megapixel camera to the smartphone in January.

Wait, is not the bigger better?

The thing with the smartphone sensor is that it is not like DSLR: the space of this technique is very small, so there is less space for light. 

The larger the megapixel, the less light it can reach the sensor.

You think of every pixel as a window that needs a frame, and that frame can not capture the light, you'll see that more frames will make it harder to get a bright, clear picture.

For Huawei Honor View 20. Announced in the last days of December 2018 for China first, Honor View 20
Sample image using a 48-megapixel sensor - Light areas are slightly visible but high quality

That's why we've seen a downhill race in the sequel at the late megapixel camera: smartphone manufacturers have hung in the 12-16 megapixel range, where this is seen as a "sweet spot" sensor size, enough megapixels to capture a sharp, To capture large low-light shots.

The low-light question is the question that Honor has to answer here - the images it showed to highlight the brilliance of the sensor are all brightly illuminated, so only if the 48-megapixel sensor can also lead to darker conditions in judging the great snapper.

Sony, the sensor maker, claims to have assembled some advanced technology to help improve camera output, although the pixels are about half that of a 12-megapixel camera.

For Huawei Honor View 20. Announced in the last days of December 2018 for China first, Honor View 20
Color sensitivity is good, but we did not send the real image accurately 48 megapixels to check them

However, there is reason to believe that this may be the case, as Huawei's parent company has taken great strides in adding powerful image recognition to smartphones, meaning it can take many types of display and scene types and work as well as possible Of them, resulting in Huawei Mate 20 Pro being dubbed one of the best phones equipped with cameras in the market.

Other brands, such as Apple and Google, use image processing to improve image quality, so if Honor succeeds in creating a way to monitor and enhance the footage, the promise of high quality and incredibly sharp images may be achieved.

We have not heard much about the battery yet, unlike its ultra-fast 40 watts of power - a certificate from a Chinese body referred to by GSMArena, which says it will also support 22.5 watts.

As for the size of the battery, it was a respectable 3.750mAh in Honor View 10, so it is likely to be a big one.

Date of issue and price

When should we expect to see Honor View 20? Honor will announce a new smartphone that will probably be the premier 20 on 22 January 2019 at a media event in Paris. 
This has not been formally confirmed at this time.

Earlier, Honor announced the Honor V10 phone in China on November 2017

By December, the launch of the brand new Honor View 10 was confirmed in Europe, the United States and most of Latin America for 2018.

There are no confirmed details about prices, but we do not expect the V20 pricing again away from its predecessor in the range of $500 to $600.

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