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The Google Assistant is said to come to Samsung TVs

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Samsung 2019 TVs
The Google Assistant is said to come to Samsung TVs
Sound sensor technology also seems likely

Samsung 2019 TVs will include a Google Assistant, according to Variety reports. 

Samsung's current TV sets are limited to the use of the company's Bixby audio assistant, which lagged behind the competition. 

New TVs are also expected to provide better sound by automatically adapting the sound to the room in which they are located.

It is not entirely clear how the Google Assistant will work on Samsung TVs, but the report suggests that it will work similarly to its way of working on LG TVs, which added support for Google Assistant and Alexa in 2018. 

Voice Assistants can be used to directly control TV Size or input switching, for example), to control other Google Assisted devices, or to ask for more general queries on topics such as weather. 

LG TVs allow you to access the audio assistant via the TV's microphones or with an integrated smart external speaker.

The Samsung 2019 TVs can adjust their sound depending on the room you are in
Adding a Google Assistant is a big shift for Samsung, the world's largest TV vendor. 

The company is trying to compete with Google and Alexa by installing its Bixby assistant on everything that Samsung does, including smartphones, home appliances, home appliances and TVs. 

However, Bixby's career has lagged behind its rivals. 

It does not have any support for third-party skills (although this will soon come), and has only recently been available to other manufacturers to build in its hardware. 

A spokesman for Bixby Smart, announced in August, has not yet been announced.

In addition to Google Assistant support, Samsung 2019 TVs are also expected to be able to automatically adjust their sound depending on the room in which they are located. 

"The sound of the second patent was described as" improving sound quality based on the surrounding environment, such as the size of the space and surrounding noise. "

The ApplePodPod and Sonos speakers are already capable of something similar, playing a number of test sounds and measuring how they interact with a particular room. 

HomePod depends on the microphones inside the speaker to measure the response, while Sonos uses the microphones in your smartphone to adjust its sound.

Although Samsung did not immediately respond to the request to comment, it is unlikely to expect to wait for an official announcement. 

The company is expected to announce the 2019 TV lineup at the CES 2019 High Technology Show in January.

Samsung TVs 


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