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Workers of the Black Tesla plant describe racism and discrimination

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Workers of the Black Tesla plant describe racism and discrimination
Elon Musk participated in at least two separate cases

More than twenty Tesla, Black employees are current and former racial discrimination is described in the New York Times today's investigation that looks at the company's Fremont factory.

These complaints range from preventing them from promotions, forcing them to clean the floors of the factory, and alleging that supervisors have directed racist insults against employees. 

The allegations come from a variety of interviews, internal contacts, and legal statements obtained by The New York Times. 

Tesla does not agree that the factory is a port of racial discrimination and says there is no "pattern of discrimination and harassment" at the Fremont plant.

"Tesla opposes all forms of discrimination, harassment and unfair treatment, and we strive to provide a respectable working environment for all employees and do our best to prevent bad behavior," the company said in a statement to the brink.

Last year, three former employees of Tesla filed a lawsuit alleging that they were often exposed to racist monsters and drawings from supervisors and co-workers alike. 

At the time, a spokesman for Tesla said none of the individuals had raised the allegations with his superiors. 
One of the plaintiffs, Dimitrique Diaz, did not agree with the company's response, saying he spoke of using discriminatory language with his supervisor, but no action was taken at all.

Elon was aware that there were two different cases of discrimination in the factory. 

In the original suit, according to the New York Times, Mosk issued a corporate e-mail asking employees not to act like "huge defeats." He also said: "If someone shakes you, but apologizes honestly, it is important to be thick-skinned and accept this apology."

Another example of the Times investigation involved a former black employee named DeWitt Lambert, who worked as a production assistant in Tesla. 

The coworkers repeatedly mocked the southern dialect and used racist slurs around it. 
Turning stations away from his taunters, but followed him around the plant times reported. 

Lambert had sent a photocopy of harassment of his supervisors and filed a legal complaint against Tesla for not taking any action. Tesla offered to settle for $ 100,000, but Lambert refused in order to continue prosecution. 

Todd Maron, general counsel for Tesla, said Elon Musk apologized for not stepping up the matter quickly, according to the newspaper.

Tesla told us that during the reporting process, she worked with the Times to provide "clear and realistic explanations" of the allegations. 

Tesla says that bad behavior must happen "in a small-size company" and that the rate of complaints in the company is on par with any other company of similar size.

"The most important thing in Tesla is our clear opposition to all forms of discrimination, harassment and unfair treatment," the company said in a statement. 

"When we are told that someone is not up to these standards, we take them immediately, as expected from any good company."

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