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What is Samsung Bixby? Introduction to Samsung Assistant

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What is Samsung Bixby?
Introduction to Samsung Assistant

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming part of everyday life by adding voice help to many home appliances and mobile devices. An AI audio assistant on many Samsung Android devices is Bixby from Samsung.

Pixby initially appeared on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S8 + smart phones, and can be added to Samsung smartphones running Android 7.0 or Nougat.

What Samsung Bixby can do
To use Bixby completely on a compatible device, you need to access the Internet and the Samsung account. 

Bixby can run almost all device functions, including basic and advanced settings, as well as access to local and other Internet applications

Bixby has four basic features: sound, vision, reminder, and recommendation.

How to use Bixby Voice
Bixby can understand voice commands and respond again with its own voice. You can talk to Bixby using English or Korean languages.

Voice interaction can be initiated by pressing the Bixby button and holding the left side of a compatible phone or saying "Hi Bixby". 

In addition to voice response, Bixby often displays a text version. You can also turn off Bixby voice responses - you will continue to perform the required tasks verbally.

latest tech news - Samsung opens the Bixby application

You can use Bixby Voice to manage, download, install and use almost all your device settings, make phone calls, send text messages, post something on twitter or facebook (including photos), get directions, And more. 

With weather or traffic, if there is a map or graph available, Bixby will display it on the phone screen as well.

Bixby Voice allows you to create verbal shortcuts (quick commands) for complex tasks. 

For example, instead of saying something like "Hi Bixby - Open YouTube and play videos for cats," you can create a quick order, like "cats" and Bixby will do the rest.

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How to use Bixby Vision
Using the camera integrated into the phone, along with the exhibition application and Internet connection, Bixby can:

  • Select: Capture an image for a teacher or location. Pixby will identify it and provide a list of what is nearby. This comes in handy when trying to find out what is in the shopping center.

  • Store: Point your camera to a product and then touch the Bixby Vision icon to get more information about it and where / how you can buy it.

  • Translate: Although you can communicate only verbally with Bixby using English or Korean, it can translate any text language only. Use the camera to take a picture of text in a specific language, and Bixby will display text translation on your phone screen.

  • Read QR codes: Bixby can read QR codes without having to download and install a special application. If the QR code is designed to start an action, Bixby will perform this task (such as going to a specific Web site or starting an application download).

How to Use Bixby Reminders
You can use Bixby to create and remember appointments or shopping list.

For example, you can tell Bixby to remind you that your favorite TV show will be at 8pm on Monday. 

You can also tell Pixby where you parked your car and then when you return, can remind you where you parked your car.

You can also ask Bixby to remember and retrieve a specific email, photo, web page, and more.

About Bixby's recommendations
The more you use Bixby, the more you know about your routine and interests. After that, Bixby can design your applications and look closely at what you love with its recommendation capability.

Bottom line
Samsung's Bixby is similar to other voice plugin systems, such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Siri. 

However, what makes Bixby slightly different is that it can be used to manage almost all hardware settings and maintenance tasks, as well as perform a series of tasks across a single command. 

Other audio assistants do not normally perform all of these tasks.

Bixby can be used to consider or share content from your phone on most Samsung smart TVs.

The Bixby Audio Assistant is also integrated into Samsung's selected smart TVs starting in 2018. 

Bixby on TV allows viewers to navigate through TV setup menus, access and manage content through the Smart Hub for the TV, as well as access to information and control of home appliances Other compatible smartphones, directly from the remote control that is played with sound.

In addition, Samsung is pursuing the Bixby voice control platform with its own smart speaker with the Samsung Galaxy Home sticker, having led Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod.

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