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Samsung Galaxy note 9 price drops to $ 799 on Black Friday 2018

Samsung Galaxy note 9 price drops to $ 799 
on Black Friday 2018
The S9 and S9 Plus will also see significant discounts

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If you're looking for a discount on a powerful Android phone, Samsung will cut its full 2018 phone line, which includes Galaxy Note 9, S9 and S9 Plus. 

The price of each model is currently $ 200 from the usual cost, and these prices will continue through Cyber ​​Monday 26 November.

This means Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is currently $ 799 for many retailers, including Amazon, Samsung, .

This transaction does not contain any warnings. 
It is an immediate discount, not credits on your bill as with most mobile deals these days. 

You can use the phone with any wireless network operator. 
The 512GB model is $ 1,049, which is just over $ 50 compared to the previous 9 GB.

For those who want to spend less, the Samsung Galaxy S9 with a storage capacity of up to 64 GB is $ 519, less than the usual $ 719 asking price. 

Apart from its slightly smaller size, it is not too far from Note 9 in terms of strength and design, and can be used similarly with any conveyor. 

The Galaxy S9 Plus starts at $ 639 for the 64GB model, if you have two cameras and a larger screen is important to you.

No matter which Samsung phone you're looking for, this is the cheapest price we've seen so far and is unlikely to top this year. 

Google will charge from Pixel 3 to $ 649 (usually $ 799) and Pixel 3 XL to $ 699 (usually $ 899) from November 22, but Samsung discounts offer a lower barrier to Android phone access with more power, better screens , Headphone jack, and more.

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