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The first iPhone 5G phone from Apple can come in 2020

The first iPhone 5G phone from Apple can come in 2020
The phone can use a 5G modem from Intel

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Apple's recent announcement that it will not disclose iPhone sales on a quarterly basis has prompted some investors to question Apple's ability to increase its smartphone sales. 

The rationale behind this view is simple: if Apple is absolutely confident that iPhone sales will increase, you will look forward to revealing these amazing sales figures.

Without going into details about Apple's decision, I think it's fair to say that iPhone sales have a lot of room for growth in the coming years. 

Sure, consumers keep their smartphones for longer periods of time these days, but the imminent proliferation of 5G networks and the next entry for the iPhone 5G enabled phones will always stimulate the fusion of promotions.

Now that we may see 5G able iPhone hit store shelves, the source claims to be familiar with Apple's recent plans. 

Fast said that the company is currently aiming for the 2020 version. 

What's more, the same transfer source that Apple plans to use the modems from Intel exclusively . 

The last point is certainly reasonable, as there is no indication that the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm will end in any settlement agreement any time soon.

Intel is working on an 8161 preamble called the 8060, which will be used in prototyping and testing the iPhone 5G. 8161 will be manufactured using Intel's 10 nm process, which increases the transistor density for greater speed and efficiency.

Our source says Apple has been unhappy with Intel recently. The most likely cause is the challenge of solving heat dissipation problems caused by the 8060 modem chip.

With 5G smartphones coming to 2019, the iPhone 5G 5G charging date makes sense, especially given Apple's tendency to wait longer than most other mobile phone manufacturers to embrace new wireless technologies

Remember, Apple did not host the third generation until 2008 and waited until 2012 before introducing a fourth-generation device with the iPhone 5.

Wireless operators are preparing to connect to the fifth generation, the next generation of cellular networks that promise faster download speeds for consumers. 

Hardware manufacturers are also getting ready, with plans already in motion for the number of devices that will benefit from these networks faster. 

A new report suggests that Apple will release its 5G phone in 2020.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted Apple approval for the fifth-generation technology experience last year, laying the groundwork for the 5G phone down the road.

A report in Fast Company cites "source familiar with Apple's plans," which says that the phone will be released in 2020. The report also indicates that the company plans to use 5G Intel 8161 chip modem, although there are still some technical issues about dissipation The heat you need to solve. 

It is reported that Apple is chatting with MediaTek to provide chips "as a plan."

Apple currently uses Intel for modems in its 2018 phone range, but will not use the company's Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chipset for the 2020 model, where Apple could be the "main voice engine" for its modem. 
We remain committed to our 5G plans and projects.
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