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Winamp returns as a comprehensive music player

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Winamp returns as a comprehensive music player

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Winamp is renewed, the legendary music player is legendary, as a mobile application that will give you one place to listen to all your music - including playlists, podcasts, radio stations and so on, as TechCrunch puts it.

First released in 1997, Winamp was one of the most famous free media players known for playing utilitarian music and a wealth of incredible community skins. 

It was purchased by AOL in 2002 and then sold to Radionomy in 2014. 

The last time the Winamp program was updated was in 2013, so it should be welcome news that revival is coming from longtime admirers of the app.

"There will be a completely new version next year, with the Winamp legacy but a more complete listening experience," says Alexander Sabondji, CEO of Radionomy TechCrunch

"You can listen to MP3 files that may be in the house, but also to the cloud, to the podcast, to the streaming of radio stations, to a playlist you might have built."

Essentially, the plan is to update Winamp for both desktop,laptop,computers so that it is an individual searchable experience for all the audio you consume from different sources.

Sabondji declined to elaborate on the services Winamp supports or how to integrate the new version of the application with things like Apple Music, Spotify or other audio platforms.

There are no other details about what this new version of Winamp will look like. 

Although the idea of ​​a central location for voice synthesis and search, especially on mobile, is certainly an exciting idea, it is unclear how the company plans to pull it. 

Not only does it sound like a complete departure from what Winamp used to do, integration with all the places we get from the sound is a huge demand.

Version 5.8 of Winamp will come this week to fix some bugs and compatibility issues, but the full version of the Winamp 6 application will be released sometime in 2019.

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