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technology today Smart phones may help in anticipating a sudden flood of better

Waether, Smart Phone Applications for Weather, Tel Aviv University, Natural Disasters, Weather Forecasting Applications, Atmospheric Tides, Earth's Magnetic Field, Surge Alerts, Smart Phone Updates, and World Weather Stations Smart phones measure raw data such as atmospheric pressure and temperatures Humidity, for assessment of weather conditions.

Smart phones may help in anticipating a sudden flood of better 
The same smart phones can be used to provide real-time weather alerts through a feedback loop, through which the public can provide atmospheric data.

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A study reported that data from smart phones can be harnessed to predict weather patterns that lead to sudden flooding and other natural disasters. 

Researchers from Tel Aviv University in Israel said smart phones measure raw data such as atmospheric pressure, temperatures and humidity to assess weather conditions. 

To understand how smart phone sensors work, they put four smart phones around the TAU campus under controlled conditions.

The study, published in the Journal of Atmospheric Physics and Solar Physics, analyzed data to detect phenomena such as "atmospheric tides", which are similar to the tide in the ocean. 

The researchers also analyzed data from a UK-based application called WeatherSignal.

 "The sensors in our smartphones constantly monitor our environment, including gravity, the Earth's magnetic field, atmospheric pressure, light levels, humidity, temperatures and levels of sound and more," said Professor Collin Price of Tel Aviv University.

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"There are vital data in the atmosphere today between 3 and 4 billion smartphones around the world, and these data can improve our ability to predict accurately weather and other natural disasters that cause many lives every year. 

More than six billion smartphones in the world, "the researchers said," Compare this with the 10,000 state-of-the-art meteorological stations that exist today

"Price said the amount of information we can use to predict weather patterns, especially those that offer little Of warning or not warning, is an amazing quantity.
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