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How the new Adventure Sync has changed completely in the game

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How the new Adventure Sync has changed completely in the game

Pokemon Joe is updated regularly by the developer Niantic, but the latest new feature is one of the biggest changes in the game so far.

Niantic announced Adventure Sync, which will allow the game to track the distance you travel even when it is not active.

What is Adventure Sync?
Niantic is deploying the new Adventure Sync feature as part of the Real World Platform game system, which will give our players more reasons to go abroad, explore the world and lead more active lifestyles. 

Therefore updating should have a big impact on your phone battery and data plan.

Distance tracking typically requires you to keep the application running. You'll need to use it effectively, using your phone while searching for creatures. 

This would drain the battery. But now your device can play a role in future exploration games without killing the battery. Pokemon Go was already a fake fitness application, but Adventure Sync makes it more flexible and a great tool for fitness enthusiasts.

Why did Niantic develop the Adventure Sync application?
"This kind of response from the community reinforces our commitment not only to create a truly innovative world of games, but also to play a role," said Nyantik. 

"Forty-seven per cent of the players indicated that their level of physical activity had increased since the game and 64 per cent claimed that the game was driving them out. 

To invest in features such as Adventure Sync, which provide a nice but effective stimulation loop. "

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How does Adventure Sync work?
Synchronize to your preferred health system
Adventure Sync is fully synchronized in the background with iOS HealthKit or Android Google Fit. 

This is a very big deal, keeping in mind that the pedometer counters for these applications are more reliable than the basic tracking function for GPS in Pokemon Go.

Watch your weekly activity
Adventure Sync lets you access a weekly summary that highlights statistics such as distance traveled, calories burned, or steps taken. All of this information is sent directly to Pokemon Go, so your physical activity will affect the progress of the game.

Get rewards
Adventure Sync lets you get rewards based on how much you've been moving in seven days.

This is the key for anyone who likes to hatch eggs and collect Pokemon friend candy, both of which require registration steps. 

So, if you have 10 kilometers of eggs you are trying to hatch, you can do it with the idle game or even close it.

When can you use Adventure Sync?
Adventure Sync will start offering "Soon" - or sometime in 2019.

Where will Adventure Sync be available?
The feature comes to players all over the world.

Is Adventure Sync exclusive to Pokemon Go?
John Hanke, CEO of Nantec, said in a blog post that Adventure Sync would not be exclusive to Pokemon Go

It is a "truly global platform" that the company plans to integrate into other projects, possibly even entering the next HPWU office.

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