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Social networking site Snapchat introduced new selfie filters that specifically meant for your cat

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site Snapchat Social networking 
introduced new selfie filters that specifically meant for your cat

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  • Snapchat will currently observe your cat's face and apply lenses to that. 
  • Previously, the app may typically solely observe human faces for its selfie lenses — however it might sometimes work with animals.
  • For now, Snapchat is specifically specializing in cat lenses, and not different pets. 
  • If you've got fastidiously tried to induce Snapchat filters to use to your cat while not luck, some time has return. 

Snapchat simply proclaimed the introduction of cat lenses, which means the app is currently able to faithfully observe cats' faces. Previously, the lenses were solely meant for human faces, however you'll grasp to figure on your pets if you were lucky. 

For some reason, Snapchat has chosen to focus specifically on cats, and not different animals.
In a tweet asserting the new feature, Snapchat showed off many of the filters in action — as well as a cat with balmy flying around its face, and many cat house owners taking selfies with their grumpy-looking, glasses-wearing cats.

Business business executive doesn't have a cat to be had, and was unable to check the new feature, however we'll report back after we do. 

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