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top ten 10 tech companies in Columbia 2018

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top 10 tech companies in Columbia 2018

Tenable’s recent initial public providing brought a great deal of attention — and greenbacks — to the Columbia space. however it’s not like the Howard County began once the gap bell of the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations rang on July twenty six, 2018.
For one, the corporate itself is sixteen years recent. And it’s a part of a broader community of startups, fed by talent from universities and government brain centers just like the National Security Agency and Johns Hopkins Applied research lab, Associate in Nursingd buoyed by an geographical region location with equal proximity to D.C. and metropolis.

For its half, the Columbia space features a wealthy startup history that’s brought massive players to the realm. In 2013, Cisco bought network security firm Sourcefire for $2.7 billion. Oracle entered the realm ensuing year with a $5.3 billion deal to shop for location pioneer and “39-year long success” Micros Systems. once it involves serving to entrepreneurs, the realm has the Howard County–backed Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship and state-created TEDCO, that have long provided funding and resources. additional recently, the cyber-focused startup studio DataTribe brought geographic region business chops to Maple field, and also space gained a chapter of Startup Grind.

Each of those exists to assist the first stage firms within the space. in order that got America wondering that startups can be next to induce massive. which LED to the inevitable question typically detected round the Slack channel: Who’s real?

Determining the solution needs considering the variety of things. For one, we’re searching for a daring plan. The founders themselves also are vital. many investors we’ve talked to spot “team” joined of the key factors in selecting wherever to speculate (often additional thus than the “idea” of the corporate itself). There also are factors like customers and revenue, investment capital, team size, potential impact and workplace house.

The result's a summer solstice, mid-Maryland edition of our standard realLIST series. (Here’s the 2018 edition for the metropolis space obvious. Here’s the D.C. version.) It’s a roundup of the highest firms that area unit showing promise. In alternative editions, we’ve targeted solely on young startups. however given the initial offering excitement which a number of the additional entrenched firms may not be also notable outside Howard County, we have a tendency to determined to drop the ordinance that has target-hunting earlier lists.

  • It will be a touch intimidating contemplate, thus we tend to use a couple of criteria to slender the list down. To be thought of for the realist, corporations had to:

  • Make the bulk of their revenue from a product. meaning agencies weren't eligible.

  • Have not exited or undergone a buying deal or one thing on the brink of that nature. (See: reasonable , Sourcefire and Micros, as documented higher than.)

  • Based in Howard County. That created areas like artificer, Maple field, and Hanover quarry.

(One vital caveat concerning this list: Not creating this list doesn't mean we tend to regard a startup “unreal.” this is often merely a photograph of what we’re most excited concerning right away.)

And so, while not additional hustle, here’s’s realist for Columbia and Howard County.

top 10, top 10 tech, companies in Columbia 2018, tech, Technology, business,
Rather than being technologists trying to find associate degree trade with chance, husband-and-wife team Saureen and Somil Desai saw the potential for modification from the within the provision sector. With a platform to urge shipping quotes associate degreed an app to create inspections easier, the corporate sees countless possibilities to bring modification to a real heritage field. There’s a lot of to prove, however we’ll additionally provides a nod to Somil’s transparency in coverage the company’s monthly revenant revenue.

top 10, top 10 tech, companies in Columbia 2018, tech, Technology, business,
9. VitusVet
In Maryland, we tend to see lots of health-IT startups that grow out of the area’s medical establishments. With VitusVet, Mark Olcott and Kalpesh Raval area unit transfer health record innovation to the veterinary field. the flexibility to access and share medical info has verified to be a giant chance within the human health care house. Early traction indicates a chance with vets, too.

top 10, top 10 tech, companies in Columbia 2018, tech, Technology, business,

8. Dragos
The first of variety of cybersecurity startups on the list, Dragos is one among variety of corporations talking regarding threats to the vital infrastructure and industrial management systems that facilitate society operate. It’s a retardant that’s solely become a lot of talked regarding since the startup 1st popped on our radio detection and ranging as initial members of DataTribe in 2017. Cofounders Robert M. Lee, Jon Lavender and Justin Cavinee have expertise within the IC finding rapscallion malware, and therefore the company continues to be finding new examples (like this one that caused power outages in Ukraine). once raising $10 million and entering into its own workplace, it’s already associate degree exhibit of the talent that leads corporations to begin — and keep — within the Columbia space.

top 10, top 10 tech, companies in Columbia 2018, tech, Technology, business,
7. Enveil
Another DataTribe company that’s already grabbed the national stage, founder Ellison Anne Williams sealed the manner at the National Security Agency with a brand new type of cryptography that keeps information secure whereas it’s in use — then showed it absolutely was attainable to commercialize technology from the outpost called “No Such Agency.” the corporate is showing lots of promise, creating associate degree early splash at the RSA conference’s much-watched Innovation Sandbox competition, and attracting investment that showed interest from the CIA’s venture arm likewise as Thomson Reuters. the actual fact that it’s actually next-level technology makes North American country marvel what else is sitting behind the wall?

top 10, top 10 tech, companies in Columbia 2018, tech, Technology, business,
6. Zentail
The Columbia company serving to creating things easier for third-party merchants to sell across ecommerce sites is one among a gaggle that’s currently serving to Amazon navigate the realm. Cofounders Daniel Sugarman associate degreed Daniel Sperling-Horowitz went through Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator and started to create an ecommerce business. however the purpose that modified the mechanical phenomenon came from paying attention to customers, once Jet devs told them their code was the issue that exhibit real chance.

top 10, top 10 tech, companies in Columbia 2018, tech, Technology, business,
5. WellDoc
When gazing key ingredients for startup growth within the health house, Baltimore-born WellDoc looks to examine the boxes. It created technology to require care out of the clinic with its management app, and located a use case with polygenic disorder. It additionally has federal agency approval, a desired purpose of validation and a requirement since it's to be prescribed. Partnerships with home names like Samsung and Johnson & Johnson show there’s interest from client giants. once raising a $29.5 million Series B, the corporate looked to place the infrastructure in situ to scale.

top 10, top 10 tech, companies in Columbia 2018, tech, Technology, business,
4. Department thirteen
Most of the area’s cybersecurity startups deal in protective code from attacks that build their manner through your email. thus once an organization comes on that’s operating to shield drones, one’s ears tend to perk up. Attention is absolutely rapt upon learning that its software package (called MESMER) will truly take over the controls of a UAV that’s gone rapscallion. The stimulating technology has helped earn the corporate lots of national press. With a recent partnership with defense giants Raytheon and Booz Allen Hamilton, the corporate is showing that it will attract interest on the far side TV hits.

top 10, top 10 tech, companies in Columbia 2018, tech, Technology, business,
3. SparkPost
When technical school giants like LinkedIn, Twitter associate degreed Zillow send an email to a client, it’s truly the work of this Columbia company. whereas Gmail handles person-to-person email, SparkPost handles the messages that return from associate degree application. With a move to a brand new workplace and a brand new corporate executive with a history of exits, the corporate seems to be fixing toward a giant growth move. Watch out.

top 10, top 10 tech, companies in Columbia 2018, tech, Technology, business,
2. Sonatype
Another company that’s a lesser-known supplier of technical school tools for large players, the Fulton-based “DevSecOps” automation company may be a leader in open supply. It combines tools to assist devs determine the most effective open supply tools to create code, and potential security vulnerabilities in code. Its most up-to-date $30 million funding spherical came with backing from anarchist Sachs. With former Sourcefire corporate executive Wayne Jackson leading the corporate, a notable exit wouldn’t be shocking.

top 10, top 10 tech, companies in Columbia 2018, tech, Technology, business,
1. Sensics
A politico in computer game is found right over in one among those workplace buildings off Columbia entree Drive. Born out of analysis at Johns Hopkins, it’s among the oldest corporations on our list. It’s not here for seniority alone, however. the corporate has evolved, 1st creating VR spectacles and head-mounted displays, then a lot of recently leading in code as a beginner of open supply VR. whereas the corporate has lots of uses across trade, education and defense, it’s additionally wanting to participate in taking computer game thought.

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