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tech, tech news, Technology, headphones, headphon, RHA announces in-ear tabular magnetic earphones with wireless possibility,

RHA announces in-ear tabular magnetic earphones with wireless possibility

iSines, neither of that lend themselves to convenient moveable use. Well, at IFA this year, Scottish earphones specialist RHA can launch the primary wireless in-ear tabular magnetic headphones, that it’s soundtrack the CL2 tabular.

Unlike the bulk of headphones on the market, that suppose moving voice coils and cones to push air back and forth to form sound, tabular magnetic variants use a skinny diaphragm. It’s still magnetically driven replication, however the skinny film employed in tabular magnetic models may be enraptured in an exceedingly a lot of uniform, consistent fashion, leading to higher accuracy, lower distortion, and a lot of crystalline detail. however tabular magnetic headphones conjointly tend to be larger, more durable to power, and costlier than typical styles, that is why they haven’t confiscated the market in spite of being technically superior.

Externally, the CL2s keep RHA’s acquainted look, exhibiting no outward signs of the new technology within. With 3 cable choices — one amongst them being a wireless neckbud setup with USB-C charging — these simply seem like a finely polished try of flagship-class earphones on identical lines as AKG’s $1,000 N5005. RHA is definitely rating its new top-tier product in this same class, requesting $899.95 / €799.95 / £799.95 for the CL2 tabular.

But the inside is wherever these new in-ears area unit set to differentiate themselves. The ultra-thin 16-micrometer diaphragm within the CL2s is a component of the foremost compact tabular magnetic driver that’s ever been free, that took RHA four years to develop. The casing of every earbud is formed out of scratch-proof zirconia, that appears like identical ceramic material as employed in RHA’s previous high-end try, the CL1 Ceramic.

tech, tech news, Technology, headphones, headphon, RHA announces in-ear tabular magnetic earphones with wireless possibility,

Using a normal MMCX cable affiliation, the CL2 coplanar go along with a combine of industrial quality adorned cables, one terminating during a a pair of.5mm balanced connecter and therefore the different having the classic three.5mm plug. Their wireless neckbud possibility is intriguing, promising twelve hours of battery life and a recharge from flat to full in precisely one.5 hours. The endurance claim is spectacular after you contemplate that coplanar magnetic headphones generally need additional power than typical dynamic drivers. sadly, in terms of wireless standards, there’s solely AptX and AAC support — no AptX HD or LDAC. the best audio quality you’ll get from these will certainly be by victimisation associate old-school bound affiliation to the supply of your music.

I’ll be attempting the CL2s out for myself at IFA, however if you can’t wait till then, they’re on the market to preorder nowadays, with their full unleash set for Gregorian calendar month twelfth.

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