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HQ physical object introduces AN Apple TV app to less with efficiency play with friends

It’s a move that creates loads of sense, partly. headquarters has continually hunted person the classic giveaway presentation that shows like World Health Organization needs to Be a Millionaire? or risk created noted. therefore creating the jump to AN actual TV looks like a natural extension of that. And taking part in on a TV, in theory, makes it easier to play headquarters with additional friends and relations.
Today we launched our Apple TV app where you can play HQ right on your 📺 

But the matter is: if you’re taking part in headquarters with friends, likelihood is that most are already on their phone anyway, since additional players basically suggests that additional probabilities to progress, particularly on harder rounds.

It conjointly looks like headquarters might have incomprehensible the boat on its own quality here. AN Apple TV app probably won’t facilitate revive it. however higher late than ne'er, I suppose.

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