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Google constituent two XL Users Report Performance problems, Smartphone aforesaid to Be insulation

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Google Pixel 2 XL Users Report Performance Issues, Smartphone Said to Be Lagging

Google constituent two XL Users Report Performance problems, Smartphone aforesaid to Be insulation

Google Pixel 2 XL users are reporting performance issues
The biggest issue seems to be related to the camera
Google is said to have identified three possible causes to the issue
Google is anticipated to launch new smartphones in its constituent three lineup later this year. whereas the technical school large readies to unveil new handsets, some constituent two XL users ar news performance problems within the 2017 smartphone. Over the course of a month, some users are complaintive concerning a noticeable retardation downside within the constituent two XL. a lot of notably, among the users UN agency have rumored the "lagging" issue ar technology journalist Artem Russakovskii and YouTube reviewer Marquees Brownlee. each the users have claimed that the constituent two phones became plenty slower within the year since their launch. In light-weight of recent reports, Google is presently aforesaid to be work the difficulty.

Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii had raised the Google constituent two XL issue in Gregorian calendar month, whereas YouTuber Marques Brownlee had highlighted a number of the issues that he sweet-faced, in a video. Following this, different users have claimed, via Reddit and Twitter, apparent lag in animation and app performance. the largest issue appears to be associated with the camera in constituent two XL. As per a video shared by Russakovskii, the smartphone takes roughly ten seconds to open Google Camera victimisation the facility button double-tap gesture. He says that within the amount, the telephone gets frozen and therefore the bit and swipe gestures don't work. Further, once the camera opens, change to video takes another few seconds. As per a user, the recordings have a "choppy" quality to them.

In his tweets, Russakovskii mentioned a Marquees Brownlee's video that careful his own expertise with slow constituent two phones. within the video, Brownlee had explained that the constituent two became plenty slower and he had to switch it with the OnePlus vi.

Meanwhile, a Google engineer and promotional material representative visited Russakovskii to assess the difficulty, he claimed. In a tweet, he said, "the phone was very laggy to the purpose that each of them were visibly shocked." whereas Russakovskii has not mentioned any response from Google, 9to5Google's writer Hall had tweeted that associate anonymous supply told him Google had "identified 3 attainable causes" of the difficulty, which one amongst them would "require hardware replacements."

mobile, mobile news, Mobile Tech, mobiles, google,Google Pixel 2 XL, problems, google pixl, 

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