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Apple buys an AI startup audio company that helps companies create Alexa and Google Assistant applications

February 16, 2019
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Apple buys an AI startup audio company that helps companies create Alexa and Google Assistant applications
It can be used to help accelerate the adoption of Siri

Apple acquired an emerging artificial intelligence company based in San Francisco called PullString, which specializes in helping companies build voice chat applications, according to a report by Axios

Pullstring was established again in 2011 by former Pixar employees - its chief executive, Oren Jacob, is the former chief technology officer of Pixar. 

So far, PullString has been very well known in technology as the backbone of the programs behind sound systems for popular games, such as the Hello Barbie doll Mattell is talking about.

It is not clear what Apple will get from the deal, which is said to be worth less than $ 100 million, but more than $ 44 million in venture capital funding raised by PullString so far. 

But behind the children's games, PullString also worked on the end of the enterprise to help companies build skills and applications for the Alexa platform in Amazon and Google

In this sense, Apple can get PullString to help accelerate the growth of Siri applications and features, which lack much compared to the tens of thousands of integrations, skills and actions offered by Amazon and Google.

The "smart shirt" controlled by the NBA application allows you to change the player's name and number

February 16, 2019
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The "smart shirt" controlled by the NBA application allows you to change the player's name and number
Great for mild weather lovers

NBA basketball commissioner Adam Silver gave the world a glimpse into the future of the shirt at the NBA All-Start Technology Summit this week, an event dedicated to demonstrating how technology can deliver the sport by 2038.

In addition to attracting fans to access games through face recognition, 3D sculptures, and more custom gaming experiences, Silver has announced the future of t-shirts: a smart piece of clothing that can change the name and number displayed on the mobile app. 

The details of how to make a shirt were not common, but elegant, understandable and something we had never seen before.

You can see the demo below:

I can not imagine people wanting to change their shirts all that often, but I think if you join a stroller during a series of games or a championship game, you might want to recreate a new person. Congratulations to all fans of the usual weather.

Black Desert for Xbox One on the details of open beta and new footage

February 10, 2019
Black Desert Online, xbox one, Black Desert, Black Desert for Xbox One, game, games, video games news, video games,
Black Desert for Xbox One

Black Desert for Xbox One on the details of open beta and new footage

If you're excited to play Black Desert Online on your Xbox One or Black Desert, where you've lost the word "Online" in the title, there's new information about the open beta version of the last live stream.

We already knew the final beta would be from February 14 to 17, but we do not know that pre-release will be available on February 12 at 12:00 am PST / 8:00 AM GMT.

Of course, the demo version will be available in North America and Europe, and players who reach level 30 in this game will get the Chubby pet as a reward when the game is launched.

Red Nose's demo will also give you the "Ultimate Bundle" content in the demo itself (not in the full game), so you can try it before you buy.

If you are not familiar with Black Desert Online, it is a Korean MMORPG with really beautiful graphics, which can easily be defined as the most advanced customization in the industry, and a truly wide open world. 

It is currently available for personal computers and accounts for more than ten million players worldwide.

The Xbox One version of Black Desert will finally launch on March 4. 

If you do not want to wait, it will already be available for your PC either standalone or over Steam.

You can watch the full broadcast and two trailers below.

This strange robot can fold your laundry into a snail bisley

February 10, 2019
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Mira Robotics
This strange robot can fold your laundry into a snail bisley

Would not it be great if you did not have to worry about laundry? Mira Robotics unveiled a device that might improve this little monotonous work: a home cleaning robot that can wrap clothes in painfully slow movements.

On Thursday, the Japan-based AI Company unveiled ugo, a machine that handles laundry charges with the help of remote control, the Japan Times reported

This bot, which can be carried, put it, put clothes on the drying rack, to make the family help more suitable for the budget, especially, effective for customers.

The robot robot, developed in February 2018, was developed around 158 pounds and can be adjusted from 110 cm to 180 cm. 

In addition, the arms are approximately 60 centimeters in length to help them close clothes and complete other laundry tasks, including removing clothes from washers and placing them on drying racks.

Even with all these potential benefits, this robot is not the fastest device: as described in the above video, it moves on the snail's pace to take the shirt out of the basket and put it on the drying rack.

Although the job completes efficiently, it takes about a minute to finish both steps.

Ken Matsui, chief executive of Mira Robotics, told the Japan Times that she plans to change the robot's arms and speed up remote control to improve the AGO process. 

Currently, trained operators have to control the robot to make sure it can pick up, dry, and wash the laundry without technical obstacles.

The company aims to conduct a closed beta test in August 2019 and launch the ugo service in May 2020. 

Until then, this will modify the performance of the robot so that it can be a better helper for homekeeping for customers in the near future.

Marvel launched a great website to promote Captain Marvel

February 10, 2019
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Marvel launched a great website to promote Captain Marvel

Marvel's next big superhero is Captain Marvel, and unlike most feature films, this film was made in the 1990s. 

Consequently, Marvel launched a website that fits the time frame, a return to the web design of the era, complete with movements, fonts and embarrassing colors.

The result is very delicious. 
The site captures nostalgia for the 1990s that we saw in film trailers, and features part of the components that have been the mainstay of the Web for nearly a quarter of a century: random animations, photo editing, HTML frames, bright colored lines, and of course guestbook and counter counter. 

There is even a Skrull you can puncture when it pops up. 
All that is missing is a front page that you must click. 
It's far from cute, modern film sites.

Not included in the nostalgia trip This is the time you spend waiting for the page to load, as Verge Dieter Bohn's executive editor pointed out to Twitter

It's not quite a residue of '90. 
Looking at the source code for the site, it was discovered that the size of the site comes at 10 MB, which would need to be loaded on a 28.8 kb modem. 

He also pointed out that the site was created using CSS and a reference in the guestbook to Dancing Baby, both released in 1996, a year after the film was set in 1995. 

But the designers say they used FrontPage to build and host it with Angelfire, so that's something.

Does this affect your enjoyment of this great site? of course not. It is a smart fax machine that replicates the look and feel of the web, not far from what some of us remember. 

If Marvel was anywhere to make films in the 1990s, his promotional site is likely to be that way. 

Just take a look at the pages that are still active in Space Jam or Mallrats, or take a trip down the memory lane using the Wayback Machine for the Internet archive.

How to choose any wireless charger to buy

February 06, 2019
How to, How to choose any, wireless charger to buy, How to choose any wireless charger, wireless charger, wireless, Qi charging, Power, mobile, apple, reviews, technology,
wireless charger to buy
How to choose any wireless charger to buy
Wireless chargers are complex, but we are here to help

Buying the right wireless charger can be surprisingly difficult. There are many options available - some of them charge different fees, some have different form factors, and some do not include everything you need in the box.

So to help you, we've compiled a guide to what we're looking for in your next phone's wireless charger.

1 Qi charging: this may sound obvious, but there are other wireless charging standards there, so make sure that everything you pick up supports the standard Qi.

2 Power: Primary wireless charging starts at 5 watts, but most phones support some fast charging. Apple iPhones are designed to ship at a maximum of 7.5 watts while Samsung phones charge 9 watts while other Android phones support up to 10 watts. So, while chargers that produce less will charge your phone, they will not do so as fast. You may want to get a 10W charger to make sure you have covered no matter which phone you buy.

3 Standard connector: Most wireless charging ports are connected to a type of adapter to physically connect to the wall outlet. Some companies use exotic special cranes to connect towels, and others use standard plugs such as MicroUSB or USB-C. If you can, it is best to go with a standard connector, just in case of damage or loss of cable.

4 Wall Adapter: In the same vein, check that your charging plate actually has a wall adapter. If you are expected to make your own, make sure that it can provide enough wattage to charge at full speed - a 10W panel with a 5W wall socket only charge at 5W.

5 Brand: The wireless charging board is still the charger, and when it comes to anything that goes through the power supply through your smartphone $ 699- $ 999, you'll want to be more sure that something will not get fried. When in doubt, stick to reputable brands to ship equipment, such as Anker, RavPower, Mophie, Belkin, or Samsung, to name a few.

6 Size and esthetics: There are a variety of styles of wireless chargers, some large, some small, some flat, some charging your phone at an angle. Buying for office? You'll probably need a charger at an angle so you can see your screen (and unlock Face ID for iPhone users). Want one for your table? Think of a flat panel so that your entire room does not light up every time you get a text. There are also convertible chargers, if you prefer flexibility.

7 Personal Style: Wireless chargers come in all kinds of exotic shapes and sizes - like this photo frame! Or this leather pad! Get something you love: You will live on your desk / desk for a while.

The next Sony phones are leaked with a 21: 9 screen

February 06, 2019
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next Sony phones
The next Sony phones are leaked with a 21: 9 screen

Sony seems to be approaching the launch of a phone designed for movie enthusiasts. 

The new images of the Xperia XA3 released by WinFuture reveal a very wide display with a 21: 9 aspect ratio. 

We have seen a wave of smartphones 18: 9 in recent years, but Sony will use a much longer and heavier device. 

The 21: 9 aspect ratio will match many major movies at the moment, so you'll be able to see them on the XA3 without having to deal with black bars on the sides or up and down. 

But all the non-film content will have bars on both sides, so there is a barter for that immersion when the movies are broadcast.

One nice thing in the direction of the 18: 9 phones (the smaller ones, anyway) is that they are a little easier to manage with one hand compared to older, wider phones

The LG G7 has a 19.5: 9 screen. 
Unusable ease of use is one of the best in this device. 
But there is certainly a point where phones can become very long - especially if the screen itself is large. 

Samsung is redesigning its full software expertise on recognizing that large phones are very difficult to use. 

Previous rumors referred to a 5.9-inch screen, according to 9to5Google. Getting to the top of this thing seems ... raw. It almost began to look like a remote control TV format.

next Sony phones, sony, phone, phones, mobile, smartphone, smartphones, tech, tech news, news, technology, samsung,

The rear of the XA3 reveals a dual camera system and a long glass part. (It seems that the fingerprint scanner will be integrated again into the power button.) But the bottom of this phone looks very nice and symmetrical. 

We need to know more about XA3 and Sony why you need a screen of this length at Mobile World in a few weeks.

Samsung's new wireless earphones appear in a leaked promotional image

February 06, 2019
Samsung new wireless earphones, new wireless earphones appear, leaked promotional image, Samsung, new wireless, earphones, headphones, tech, news, tech news, Galaxy, technology,
Samsung's new wireless earphones appear

Samsung's new wireless earphones appear in a leaked promotional image
Frequency that it can be wirelessly charged from an S10 phone

A leaked promotional image gave us our first look at Samsung's real wireless earphones. 

In the published photos WinFuture, the "Galaxy Buds" (as is the trademark application and the Bluetooth certification indicate that they will be called) can be seen sitting on the back of what appears to be the Galaxy S10 phone.


This position may not be coincidental. 
According to a previous Sam Mobile, the unspecified S10 will be able to charge other devices wirelessly using a technology called PowerShare. 

A feature similar to what we saw with Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the FreeBuds 2 Pro wireless headset.


And the Galaxy Watch was not the first smart watch from Samsung, the Galaxy Buds will not be the first genuine wireless headset (hello 2016's Gear IconX). 

Instead, it's another step towards unifying a lot of the company's lineup under the Galaxy brand, away from the Gear brand of yesterday. 

T-Mobile increases the pressure on Sprint's merger and promises not to raise interest rates

February 05, 2019
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T-Mobile increases the pressure on Sprint's merger and promises not to raise interest rates
A $ 26 billion deal was announced last April

T-Mobile's chief executive, John Leger, promised in a letter to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Agit Bay, yesterday, not to increase the prices of consumer plans for three years if the merger of the proposed company with Sprint was approved. 

Leger said the merged company would offer "the same price or better" as wireless operators currently do. 

T-Mobile and Sprint said it would take about three years to fully pool their networks.

The merger is a $ 26 billion deal that will reduce the country's main wireless competition from four different providers to three, including AT & T and Verizon. 

The merger was proposed in April and is on its way through the government for review until regulatory authorities such as the FCC and the Justice Department decide whether to approve it.

"New T-Mobile Rates Will not Rise"
"Our critics, who have largely used Big Teelco and Big Cable, have mainly discussed that we will raise interest rates after the closure of the merger," Leger said in a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

Many legitimate concerns about the potential impact of the agreement on competition, consumer choice and jobs.) "I want to reaffirm unequivocally that the new T-Mobile rates will not rise.

Instead, our integration will ensure that US consumers pay less and get more. "Although the letter is official, it is not legally binding, and T-Mobile may decide to raise prices after approval of the merger without consequences.

T-Mobile is stepping up efforts to get approval for this deal. Yesterday, Politico reported that former FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn had been brought by T-Mobile to advise on the merger. 

Clyburn is a known ally of public interest groups and can tolerate support in the direction of the carrier. 

In 2011, Clyburn opposed the AT & T bid to acquire T-Mobile, but according to Politico, believes that this new deal has the potential to help deliver services to rural areas and close the digital divide.

In a note to investors, New Street Research, a communications and technology group, said the waiver from T-Mobile might indicate the deal was in hot water. 

"The question for investors is whether this commitment is an indication that the transaction is more likely or less likely to be approved," the memo said. "They counted us at the least likely camp."

"In general, when it comes to mergers, the first side that makes concessions is likely to be the loser," the memo continued.

In January, legislators announced a joint hearing between the House Energy and Commerce and Judiciary committees for a closer look at the proposed merger. 

Marcello Clore, chief executive of Legery and Sprint, agreed to testify before the panel to answer questions the lawmakers might ask about the deal later this month.

In a press release, the committee's leadership wrote, 

"We must hold this hearing to consider the implications on important issues such as jobs, consumer costs, innovation and competition.

"We look forward to studying this integration from the perspective of what is in the interest of consumers and people who work hard."

Last summer, Leger and Clor testified before the Senate, but Democratic trade lawmakers also expressed concern about the merger, demanding another meeting to discuss the deal. 

In a letter last month, Sen. Ed D. Markey (D-MA), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and most likely presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) requested that the Republican majority In the company executives on the proposal.

"This committee should assess the current claims of TG Mobile and Sprint and the results of this merger in the innovation of US wireless networks," the lawmakers wrote.

 "This decline in competition raises a number of important questions that the Commission must address."

"We are the air transport company," Leger said in a speech yesterday. 

"If we break the trust in higher interest rates and lower interest rates, we will lose our loyal customers and destroy the future of our brand, I want to assure you that we will never do that."

Legery, who often quarreled with President Trump on Twitter, and other executives at T-Mobile, spent a lot of time in the capital through the merger, 

A spokesman for T-Mobile said in response to the allegations last month: "T-Mobile's top leadership team remains in a variety of hotels in the capital and across the country - and they are selected primarily on the basis of proximity to the meetings taking place."

Broadband industry likes the names of nonsense

February 05, 2019
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Broadband industry likes the names of nonsense

Broadband industry likes the names of nonsense
I have heard of 5G. Now meet 5G E, 5G TF, and 10G

Your Internet provider thinks you are dumb. 
Between "counterfeit" schemes, false fees, and simply not providing promised speed, companies such as Verizon, AT & T, Comcast and Spectrum are using dubious claims and brands to rotate their customers for years. 

Now, as we approach the era of Internet speed and wired speeds faster, the strangeness of modern marketing shows that this kind of insult to your intelligence will get worse.

The latest round revolves around companies that pretend to reach or beat 5G without actually delivering 5G. 

There are AT & T, which renamed parts of its 4G LTE network as "5G E"; Verizon, which launched a home Internet service using a non-standard 5G TF; the cable industry, which is trying to upgrade your wireless company with ads for a non-existent service Called "10G".

AT & T, 10G, technology, 5G networks, AT & T phones, t-mobile, 5G phone, internet, mobile network, mobile, technologies, tech, tech news, news, 5g,
All these names are nonsense. 
It misleads marketing campaigns that seem to be designed to rely on technology confusion to be able to buy in next-generation technology that they do not actually get.

It is no secret that these companies know what they are doing. 
As AT & T's chief executive said last month while defending the 5G E brand, "Every company is guilty of building an account of how it wants the world to operate." In other words, every company really revolves around marketing.

Every company revolves around the fact of marketing
AT & T got the most attention to its strong use for E 5G, but the cable industry appeared recently was probably the worst bid for the brand: 10G

Cable sets are hailing as the next big thing in wired broadband, with speeds that will one day increase over what we currently have, opening up new and wonderful avenues for technology that would not have been possible without them. 

The sound is supposed to be better and faster than the 5G, but the service does not actually exist.

The name on its own is misleading. 
Despite being larger than 5G, numerically speaking, 10G is not comparable. 

5G refers to the fifth generation of mobile broadband technology, while 10G refers to a 10GB speed, the promised data rate that cable carriers hope to offer for a day.

The 10G brand ostensibly aims to start the delivery of those high-speed speeds. 

It was announced last month as a joint venture from various cable industry groups, including NCTA and Cable Europe, supported by Comcast, Charter, Cox, Rogers, Vodafone, and more.

AT & T, 10G, technology, 5G networks, AT & T phones, t-mobile, 5G phone, internet, mobile network, mobile, technologies, tech, tech news, news, 5g,

In fact, it is a meaningless marketing term based on a simple hypothesis: 5G networks are promising speeds that can, for the first time, seriously threaten wired home broadband with a kind of ease of use and a broad offering that only wired connections will be able to keep pace with. 
If there is anything the cable industry hates more than its customers, it is competition.

If there is anything the cable industry hates more than its customers, it is competition
It seems that the only reason for the current 10G initiative is to make the cable industry appear to have topped the 5G by putting a larger number in front of G. 

In fact, cable companies are already struggling to deliver much slower speeds, not to mention anything close to 10 Gbps at the consumer level wide range.

(Some local ISPs have managed to manage it, but on an incredibly small scale). 

The average download speed for broadband customers in the United States was 72 Mbps near the end of 2017, or 0.72 percent of the 10Gpbs target promised, according to the FCC. Latest Broadband Report.

10G may have been born out of fear of 5G, but even members of the wireless industry are afraid to be beaten to 5G by their competitors, leading to fake 5G programs with equally fake names.

It should not be surprising to come up with the worst of these brand stunts from AT & T, which basically pretends to own a 5G nationwide network. 

You can not be faulted for assuming the "5G E" code that began to appear in the corner of AT & T phones - including the iPhone - and as a sign at the end of some recent AT & T ads meant that the company had deployed a 5G network. That did not happen.

Instead, AT & T decided to update the latest LTE upgrades as "5G Evolution". Worse, both T-Mobile and Verizon have won AT & T to deploy these LTE updates in months.

So that the name of the 5G E looks like a designer to be confused, with the "G" in the "5G" that already ends on the sound of "E". 

(I can already imagine the Abbott and Costello routine at the local AT & T store: "Is this a 5G phone?" "No, it's 5G E!")

You may have also seen Verizon boast of being "the first of 5G". The company mainly published a fake version of only 5G for bragging rights.

Verizon launched a 5G Internet home service back in October, but used a different method in 5G than the rest of the industry. 

So Verizon does not plan to use this version of 5G, commonly known as 5G TF, for its own mobile network. It will actually use 5G NR, agreed standard.

Making all this more ironic, Verizon plans to replace the existing 5G TF devices (both on towers and consumers) with 5G devices based on bottom-line standards. 

Verizon will not expand until the Home 5G service is available until the device is ready, making it even clearer that the initial deployment was for display only.

AT & T, 10G, technology, 5G networks, AT & T phones, t-mobile, 5G phone, internet, mobile network, mobile, technologies, tech, tech news, news, 5g,

For both AT & T and Verizon, the brand is working nonsense by clicking on confusion about these new technologies. 

In fact, the 5G E service from AT & T uses technologies that will benefit early 5G, as the 5G will initially be built on LTE. Verizon's 5G TF uses many of the same technologies that go into NG 5G. 

But in the end, the two companies are working on the ambiguity of lines against a universally agreed standard, and what is not used by itself. 

5G E is still only LTE, and 5G TF is not compatible with the rest of the 5G world.

Bad names work, otherwise companies will stop doing so
Internet providers have tried these tricks before naming. During the transition to LTE, AT & T insisted on referring to 3G-enhanced HSPA + speeds as "4G". 

Well done T-Mobile. People are supposed to fall for it, otherwise these companies will not continue to invest time and money in sites and designs.
It is likely to take a year or more before the fifth generation bulletins actually begin to spread in the United States, and the 5G phones are found in a large number of consumers' hands. 

It will be longer before 10 GB speeds become a viable option for people. 

Until then, we may see only more of this brand that has two floors, where ISPs try to compete with each other in a battle around faster false speeds.

You can now listen to the audio book "Choose Your Own Adventure" with Alexa

February 04, 2019
tech, technology, tech news, news, amazon, alexa amazon, amazon alexa, ENTERTAINMENT, audio book, Choose Your Own Adventure with Alexa, Audible,
audio book "Choose Your Own Adventure" with Alexa
You can now listen to the audio book "Choose Your Own Adventure" with Alexa
Audible narrators bring a new depth to interactive storytelling

With the introduction of intelligent assistants who can interact with users, interactive imagination has been an exciting prospect for developers and publishers. 

Today, Audible brings interactive stories into life by joining the skills of Alexa Amazon with Chooseco in choosing your own adventure series.

Absolutely two types of titles: the odious snow and the underwater journey. 

It works as you think: The story opens by saying, "Alexa, open up your own adventure," and the narrator starts reading from the book.

 Once you reach the decision point, ask what you want to do, and the story moves to the next point. 

When you come to an end, you will ask the skill whether you want to retreat again to retract a death or unexpected accident, or if you just want to know the fate there might be a different choice at a crucial moment. 

This skill will maintain the number of points you scored during the story and the number of endings you discovered, which encourages you to repeat it over and over again.

tech, technology, tech news, news, amazon, alexa amazon, amazon alexa, ENTERTAINMENT, audio book, Choose Your Own Adventure with Alexa, Audible,
Choose Your Own Adventure
Interactive imagination is nothing new, and there were some notable examples last year, from the 20th century "Offworld Colony Simulator," which allowed you to explore a genetically-infested colony, into the interactive adventure of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, resulting in a lawsuit from Chooseco . 

Chooseco has also worked hard to try to make use of its own brand of storytelling behind the famous white and gray books for young readers: it has released interactive DVDs for some of its stories a decade ago, and Kickstarter has tried to fund an interactive iPad app in 2013, Last year, he worked with 20th Century Fox to produce an interactive film for filmmakers.

But the end result of the Audible partnership and Chooseco is probably one of the best efforts out there. This is not a project that has been presented as a regular skill where Alexa reads from a text in his familiar voice. 

Instead, Audible produced the song You Choose One One Adventure complete, with the right narrator. 

This is important because a skilled narrator can break or break a story, which gives more depth and passion to the text that improves the story of listeners.

In this case, I paid my five year old son to dive under a table when we arrived at a section where we were attacked by the Ytys in The Snowman Abominable, and this led to the question of an underwater journey when he told me he had become an underwater farmer. 

This level of interaction goes beyond mere skill, and if Audible decides to continue the franchise, you will get a lot of titles to choose from in the Choose Your Own Adventure library, which has nearly 200 titles. I have crossed my fingers inside the UFO 54-40.

Samsung is canceling its top fake cooperation in China

February 04, 2019
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Samsung is canceling its top fake cooperation in China
Upper Italy still exists, of course

Samsung canceled its partnership with the top brand after announcing plans to work with it in December. 

In a short update posted on Weibo, Samsung said it would stop partnership with Supreme Italia, a trademark that eliminates the Supreme Red Box logo, but is actually a hidden copy hidden under an Italian brand.

Supreme Italia has planned to launch stores in China, and Samsung has signed up for exclusive products. 

Samsung immediately called for the knockout system, and the company said it would reassess the partnership in response. 

Now, the company says it definitely does not happen. 
Samsung Engadget translated the statement, saying:

Samsung Electronics already mentioned cooperation with Supreme Italia at the Galaxy A8s China launch event on December 10, and Samsung Electronics decided to terminate this collaboration.

This is. Samsung is supposed to have realized that it is not a good look to enter into a partnership with a fake brand, but perhaps something else has happened confused.

Samsung Galaxy S10 will be one of the first Wi-Fi 6 phones

February 04, 2019
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Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10 will be one of the first Wi-Fi 6 phones

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be one of the first smartphones to support the fastest Wi-Fi 6 Wi-Fi speeds. 

Regulatory files from Samsung, monitored by Droid Life, show that three models for the next phone will include support for the new Wi-Fi standard.

These speed gains will not do much immediately, though. 
Almost no one has a Wi-Fi 6 router, and you'll need one device to take advantage of Wi-Fi 6 improvements. 

Wi-Fi 6 also does not make huge gains in speed for individual devices. 

It should improve performance at home or on Wi-Fi networks where a large number of devices (for example, home with a set of installed gadgets) are connected, and Wi-Fi 6 devices will need to see the benefits as well.

Still, it's a worthy feature. 
It makes your phone more stable in the future. 
If you buy a new router in the next two years, it's likely to support Wi-Fi 6 for your home.


There are not a lot of Wi-Fi 6 devices yet, but the Galaxy S10 indicates it may be about to change. 

The phone is likely to come with the new Qualcomm processor, Snapdragon 855, which includes support for Wi-Fi 6. 

This chip is not widely used yet, but it should end up in many major programs this year. 

Android phones, bringing some of the first 6 Wi-Fi devices to the market.


Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S10 at the end of the month. We expect the launch of three models: Standard S10, S10 Plus larger, and S10E low cost. 
5G version is also expected later.

Fortnite Marshmello was a strange and exciting solution for the future

February 03, 2019
Fortnite Marshmello was a strange, Fortnite Marshmello, Fortnite, Marshmello, Video game, game, games, gaming, music, ENTERTAINMENT, video games news,
Fortnite Marshmello
Fortnite Marshmello was a strange and exciting solution for the future
Live concert looks inside a video game like in the future

Even if you are not a fan of electronic music or have never heard of the IDMM Marchemelo, the live concert of Fornett still had an amazingly impressive scene - and it was an unprecedented moment in the games

I really felt like a glimpse into the future of interactive entertainment, where the worlds of games, music and celebrities were combined to create a virtual experience we had never seen before.

At 2PM ET today, each of the tens of millions of potential players for the Royal Emails Championship in Athletics was transferred to a virtual stage. 

There, Christopher Comstock - who belongs to DJ Marcello and is best known for his best food form - started in the 10th minute, while up to 60 players across thousands of individual matches were able to watch live broadcasts. 

Epic, having learned from past live events for once like in the innovative rocket launch and in the latest freeze on the entire game map, cleverly launched a special game mode specially for this show.

Judging by her team's terrible tactics, the players were allowed to breathe if they were driven out by a rude enemy in particular in an attempt to spoil the fun. 

However, Epic increased the ability to use weapons throughout the 10-minute event, which ensured that everyone had a seat in the front row.

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Fortnite Marshmello was a strange, Fortnite Marshmello, Fortnite, Marshmello, Video game, game, games, gaming, music, ENTERTAINMENT, video games news, Fortnite Marshmello was a strange, Fortnite Marshmello, Fortnite, Marshmello, Video game, game, games, gaming, music, ENTERTAINMENT, video games news,

It was visually impressive. 
This stage was shown through three-dimensional images of building size from the Fortnite characters, while a custom set of drawings was played behind the Marshmallow avatar

At some points, which are timed into shifts in fast-moving dance music, the theater will change gravity, sending players recoil in the sky, and even float in place at one point. 

Throughout this time, most of the players, at least in my games, were dancing with emotions inside the game and usually making mistakes in different locations around the theater and getting close to Marcello's avatar. 

In the end, it felt like a Fortnight event with no guns and chaos, as most of them did. (Granted, once the event ended, the scene turned into a killing contest between the two sides).

The Pleasant Park concert in the game was a nightmare for several days, appearing on the real life tour of Marschmilu, and eventually advertised through posters inside the Fornet itself. 

In the meantime, the virtual phase has undergone different levels of construction. 

Then, Epic issued a marchamelo skin, glider, and mark, along with a special tri-challenge quest for players to earn matching syndrome and other elements.

Certainly the entire event has earned Epic as a large sum in the revenues of fine transfers of skins and emotions, and one can only imagine what kind of advertising or other marketing campaigns could someday take advantage of the technology here. 

But at the moment, the concert looks like a coordinated attempt by Epic to actually come out and raise the bets of what a live and continuous gaming world can be capable of, enough, for the right creative minds and the technical infrastructure to be put into this task.

If you miss the event, you can see the full concert below from Polygon:

If you are interested in seeing the group live again in the game, or if you live in a time zone that does not allow you to see it for the first time, Marcamelo announced on Twitter that he will play a role at 2 am ET on Sunday (February 3rd).

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